I Dreamt About a Kid Chasing a Ghost

This morning, I wake up to my alarm.

In my dream, I was chasing a boy inside a deep dark house. I have no idea what he was up to because he didn’t seem to notice me following him. He went deep inside the creepy house and into a room. I don’t want to write something I am not sure of but when he went out, I wanted to ask him what he was searching for. But before I could talk to the boy, we are outside the house. There, we took the shortest way from one roof to another. We went to a truck full of mannequins in outfits. One of them looks just like him. But after a while, the figure moved and I knew that it was him. He seemed to pose as a dummy just to enter the same building without anyone noticing him.

The alarm went off the second time but I still want to finish the story of the boy. And what he wanted in that house. Soon after, I realized that he was chasing his father’s ghost. It was deep inside the building and he doesn’t have any fear to go alone in that spooky old house. When I woke up the third time, it was time for me to stand up. My boss called me on the phone and I had to sub her for 2hours so I had to wake up and dress up to go to work.

I didn’t know the meaning of this dream. Why would someone chase a ghost? What good can that do them? I surfed the internet and found out nothing about chasing a ghost.

If you know something to interpret this dream, I am happy to listen and understand.

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