I beg you, Answer me

You are a gift from someone I dear the most. It hurts to know that will be the last time I see you. In my dreams, you are the hero. The one I am afraid to lose. But in life, nothing is permanent. I don’t even know if you are still here.

My emotions are kept inside of me. I am afraid it will someday burst without a warning. That would be the last thing I need. I cannot do it anymore. Just this once, please give me a sign of freedom. I want to know. Anything is fine. I’m desperate.

If I had just followed my own instinct I would be holding you in my arms again. It was the biggest mistake I made. A week is too long for you to endure. Are you even there? Do you hear my cry? I beg you, answer me.

Follow your own path. But please one day come back to me. I long for your love. My prayers include you. Every day I worry. I trust you. But I am not sure if I can still trust you now. This will be my last letter to you. I love you.

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