I Am Currently Addicted to This Game

There is a game in Play Store that goes with the title of BitLife (link below). It is a simulation from birth to death of a character (which is being simulated by you).

Android Game: BitLife – Life Simulator

I found out about the game in an ad from another game. The color, the feel, the simplicity and interesting plot twists of this art is fascinating. On the first try, I have decided to become a good person. And then the next thing I know, I was sort of getting used to every situation. It was my go-to game on the road now. It is somehow a strategy game where every action has consequences.

The best thing I have learned from it is: “patience is a virtue.” Life is full of surprises. You are either poor, rich, sick, healthy, sad, poor, unlucky or lucky. It is up to each and every one of us to consider the problems as lessons learned.

If you tried the game, have a comment down below. Have a nice day!

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