Human Instinct

I wonder why people change their attitude based on other people’s character. How drastic a man can alter from a face to another. Is it human instinct?

Our mind is a mess. If a man looks happy and bright, we can easily smile in their presence. When they look sinister, a whole new appearance cover our faces. How can aspects affect our judgement? Does an impression infect the mind?

“Show people what you are, not what they make you.”

If you are a happy person, show it without a doubt. You might share your happiness with others. You could lift the spirit of the people around you. Same as when you are not a jolly person, you don’t have to pretend you are happy to please everyone. You can share things about what you feel and be true to what you think. Let people respect what you believe in.

I, personally, am a forgiving person and I barely take grudges out of people. It’s not easy but I learned to forget how wrong I’ve felt. I will still be happy and talk freely to a person even when they’re not into me. It’s who I am and I won’t take advantage of them. If they don’t want to talk to me, I won’t complain.
But then, this feeling is still necessary. My instincts tell me to act according to people’s attitude. I just need to have a little respect for myself, too.

Everyone has their own limitation of emotions. They still want to act based on other people’s reactions. But you must be true to yourself. Love what you do and do what you love. Respect others as you want to be respected. Try saving your energy from pretending what you’re not. Life is too short to be sad.

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