How To Earn Confidence

You know you can be confident, at times. Then for a moment, you can be so shy you can’t be seen anywhere else but your safe place. Sometimes, insecurities are to blame. Or maybe it’s just your nature.

But then, if you remain looking at your insecurities to cover your confidence, you won’t grow up. You can’t earn confidence by not trying. You won’t see the greatness inside you if you won’t start moving.

But here are 10 ways to boost your confidence:

( Disclaimer: the ideas aren’t mine and I won’t take credits for all the ways written below. I can only share my thoughts and other ideas for earning confidence. have fun ^_^ )

1. Know your strengths and weaknesses.

You won’t be confident if you’re trying to cover your strengths and weaknesses. Learn to accept them and talk to yourself (it’s weird, I know, but it’s one way to understand yourself even more). Discuss what your capacity is. You’re the only one who knows it even if you deny them yourself.

2. Accept compliments and compliment yourself.

You don’t have to deny what good others see in you. It’s a good way to accept yourself and to know what makes you different from others.

3. Know that we all make mistakes.

The phrase says it all. No one’s perfect not even the most beautiful, most handsome, most wealthy, (etc.) person you know.

4. Think positively.

You need to let the positivity in and negativity out of your mind. Accept things as they are. Love others as they could be.

5. Learn from experience.

For example, you embarrassed yourself in public. You can earn confidence by learning from this experience. Either you won’t do it again or it will become an inspiration for you to want to experience more and make your self-confidence stronger.

6. Stand up for what you believe in.

No one can lessen your confidence if you learn how to defend what you’re following. Start with what you can do to know what you really want.

7. Avoid arrogance.

(arrogance – an insulting way of thinking or behaving that comes from believing that you are better, smarter, or more important than other people) You shouldn’t be over-confident. It’s not earning confidence. It’s being defensive.

8. Be kind and generous.

Being kind makes you more appreciated and approachable. Also being generous not only for material things but for love, smile, goodness and other things that are priceless.

9. Speak slowly.

If you’re talking too fast, you reflect being in a hurry and you won’t look confident even if you already are feeling confident. And speaking slowly can give you more time to think before you say something.

10. Smile.

Nothing is more confident-booster than smiling. You can be confident instantly. Don’t forget to smile. 😊 plus it will make you feel better.

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