Holloween Dinner

Today was fun. At my work, there were children “treat or tricking” and drinking water on the way to their next destinations. Some with complete costumes and makeups. Some just playing along with their bags and jokes. After work, my parents fetched me from work to eat outside. Luckily, my boyfriend was there with me and I was not alone to wait.

When they arrived, we accompanied my bf to their house and we get our baby sister and decided where to eat. At first, we wanted pizza. And then kebab. But we thought of other things like KFC or Burger King. We wanted to go home and get the rice and go to KFC at 45° Nord, a faraway shopping hub in the outskirts of Moncalieri Turin. The problem is, we are all starving so we went to the nearest shopping centre, 8 Gallery Lingotto, and went straight to KFC. The lines there were longer than my hair so we hopped on the next restaurant, Mishi Mishi, and we sat down almost immediately.

It was the first time that I ate more than I paid for. So I guess it’s a win-win. After we finished eating, we walked around the mall just to let our stomach to rest before going home. On our mini-tour, we bumped into a big claw machine. My sister and I wasted 9 euros without getting anything.

When we got home, my sis sang about her missing money. It was hilarious.

Let me hear your thoughts!