Harmony in Staying Calm

The Sea, the sky, the breeze…

Calming, isn’t it? Soothing even.

But… (ATTENTION: cliché!!)

Life isn’t exactly as beautiful as we expect them to be.There will always be difficult times when all you want to do is go with the flow of the world and wake up in a different place far away from your problems.

Very easy? Think again…

Everybody cannot avoid these situations unless, rarely, they are very attentive. Everywhere there are different sources of stress, anxiety, distress, and everything in common.

Not that appealing anymore, no? But how can we stay calm every time? Here are some of the tips and tricks for having a Harmony in Staying Calm:

  1. Smile.

First of all, SMILE. It’s the best way to keep yourself feel good. Based on researchers, smiling for at least 1 minute makes you feel at ease, subito! Keep on smiling even if every problem you know is on the very tips of your very fingers. (Know that it’s not true. Someone somewhere has the same problem that you have.)

  1. Know That People Make Their Own Terrible Mistakes.

(Even worse… But we hope not.)

Like most, people want to be as perfect as possible in everything they do. No one wants to have their own mistakes. And handling being corrected is a very difficult situation. But why would you worry if the worst mistakes you’ve made will bring the best result in your life?


Don’t Compare Yourself to Others. Not even the smallest thing in you is comparable with others. You are unique in your very own ways. Do what you love as long as you won’t hurt others.

  1. Hurting Someone Is NOT A Goal.

Everybody hurts sometimes. (says the song) But what would you do if you’re the one in their situation? Will you accept the fact they hurt you and you have nothing to do with it to solve any problem?

  1. Try To Have Peace With Everyone Who Makes You Angry.

Letting your heart free of anger will keep you in good harmony.

  1. Open Yourself Up But Limit What You Say.

Being open is a voluntary action. You can act yourself freely with people and interact with them with ease. But don’t overdo it because you need to leave something for yourself to keep.

  1. Most Importantly, Pray.

Give everything to God. All your problems and all your hurts. Nothing can let you down if you surrender everything to Him.



Let me hear your thoughts!