Hard Choices

What if one day you have to choose between your loved one, your friend or your family. There is a big chance you will pick who you feel most comfortable with. But what if you do not know how to say NO?

Tomorrow is a National Holiday here in Italy, it is called Labor’s day or it is most known as “primo maggio”. Every worker is obliged to have a vacation.

When my dad has a vacation, we sometimes go out for a family bonding. Shopping and Mall walks are some of our bonding moments. My friend wanted me to help her with her baby because of this coming Sunday. It’s my nephew’s baptism and I promised her that one day I will go to her house to help her out. Lastly, tomorrow is my bf’s last day of vacation this week. He wanted to be with me for a whole day. Well, obviously, I have no choice but to follow what my heart is telling me.

I have decided to go out with my bf tomorrow. Then the next morning I will be helping out my friend. And lastly, on Friday, I plan not to go out and instead stay with my family until Saturday. I think that is a fair share of my time. Everybody’s happy.

How do you deal with this kind of situation? Tell me on the comments down below. <3

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