Happy Exhausted

Since I started working, I noticed that my only excuse is being too tired at the end of the day. My muscle hurts. My joint cannot bend well. And my mind is tired all the time because of new work to do.

But I have to earn money. I have to be patient and learn the hard way. There were times I considered quitting and getting out of the bar but when I do, I always think about self-control and keep my cool keep my calm and after a while, I can talk to the clients normally again.

I told everything to my boyfriend about my day at the bar. There were times we think that our employees are often “rompe pale”. But it is just normal. People have difficult work and not all are the same. At least I have a decent boss. She owns the place and she works pretty well. The way she makes me do things, I feel superior.

Anyways, Happy Holloween!

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