Hair Hacks (Liquid as Curler)

The thing with hair is that some are so lazy, you needed a lot more time to deal with it.

Some weren’t designed for styling. They have their own sets of styles you just have to seriously let it be that way every day of your life.

You only need one thing.


But, can you just give up and…


Don’t you want to just…

No no no!

Why will you damage your hair with heat if you can use other things to curl them?

Here are some tips and bits of advice for doing so.

Materials needed:

  • water
  • empty spray bottle (optional)
  • hairpins
  • pipe cleaner wire (or that’s what I know they’re called)
  • elastic
  • hairbrush/comb
  • clean long socks
  • elastic headband

Every material was written aren’t meant for just one hack. I just put them on a list for easier access.

  1. Pipe wire cleaner isn’t only for cleaning pipes (just as obvious as the name). The thing is you can make tight curls using them.
    • Damp your hair with water, or you can make your own leave-on conditioner or you can just buy one in local stores or… can you just, like, use any liquid you want to damp your hair with and let’s just get started.
    • You need to have at least 10 wires depending on the volume of your hair.
    • Using a comb/brush, separate parts of your hair vertically, 2 parts will be enough. Tie the part which you won’t be doing first.
    • Grab enough amount of hairs and roll the wire starting at the top part where you want the rolls to start.
    • After rolling all the hairs on the wire, keep it secure by bending the wires end by end to the middle.
    • Do it until you finish a section and do it on the other. Do it when you don’t have an appointment in a day or leave it overnight.

(tip:  the thicker amount of hair you roll in a wire, the looser the curl. And the thinner, the tighter.)

(based on a video on YouTube)

1. Damp your hair. Crumple them and wrap with any cloth. Leave it overnight.

2. You don’t want to read this again but damp your hair with a liquid you want to put on your hair.

  • Use a sock or two, long enough for your hair, and wrap your hair with it.
  • Tie the sock with your hair in elastic and roll the tip around until it.
  • Secure the roll with another elastic or hairpins.

(tip: if you don’t have a sock long enough for wrapping your hair, you can use a dress sleeve. But don’t cut them out from a dress that is still reusable or from what you’re still wearing.)

(I don’t know where it came from. My head, maybe?)

3. After doing the same first procedure as every heatless curl ever written on this book, get a small section of your hair (about a centimetre in diameter), roll them loosely in your fingers and grab a hairpin and secure them in place.

(tip: the tighter the roll, the smaller the curls and the longer it stays. Vice versa)

(pros and cons: it takes your time, a lot of time if you have thick hair like mine. But, it saves you electricity and you can always get a helping hand)

(caution: don’t do it with very wet hair, it has a probability of not staying in place)

4. Grab an elastic hairband (one that you could easily put around your head, not too tight and not too loose either).

  • Grab a section on your hair strands and roll around the elastic until the ends of your hair are not showing.
  • Repeat the process until it is finished.
  • If you do not understand this instruction, go back to the other hacks. I can’t explain it farther.

(tip: you need to keep on reading until you get what you want)

(I got this like from every video I watched on YouTube. And most of or was from site. I love the site you go check it out.)

#2 is a joke. I’m sorry. I need to do it 🙂

Let me hear your thoughts!