Hair Hacks (Heatless Curls)

Preferably for medium to long hair.

Heat is more likely to damage your hair in styling. But with heatless curls, you won’t be worried about applying heatproof treatment to protect your hair.


First, you need your hair damped or else it’ll not stay in place.

You can use leave on conditioner or just water.

Find something that you can use as a spray. (eg. aftershave spray cans, perfume bottles, etc.)

Just don’t use bug spray cans or even bathroom spray bottles. I think it’s not good for you.

So this is it…

After damping hair…

1. French braid it.

I know this is the easiest, the most common and the usual way of waving hair without heat. This was my first try on heatless curls and it worked well with my hair.

(tip: do this before bedtime and leave it overnight for firmer waves. The tighter the braid, the firmer the wave.)

(this was from hair tutorials on YouTube.)

2. Dual French Braid.

Divide the hair strands vertically in two. Tie the other side which you’re not curling yet. French braid the other side and tie it with a band. Do it vice versa.

(tip: the tighter you braid, the tighter the wave. But this time, the waves are tighter and smaller.)

(I did this the second time and it’s prettier than the first. But if you have flat hair, I recommend you to use number 1 for more volume.)

3. DIY Curlers.

Did you ever wonder where to put those tissue paper rolls? I know it sounds weird but it can be an alternative to hair rollers, which saves you a bunch of money.

  1. Cut all the tubes in half horizontally making two small tubes. (Don’t cut it vertically.)
  2. Separate the two pieces and cut the other half vertically. (You need to use a pair of scissors here and not a blade.)
  3. Divide your hair in two and tie the other side to prevent it from falling to the other side. You don’t want to redo curling up your hair, do you?
  4. Grab a small group of hair starting from the bottom of your head and start spraying it with water or leave on conditioner, whatever you like.
  5. Get the half tube that’s not cut and start twirling your hair around it, from the tip and up. Cover it with the other half tube and secure it with a hairpin.
  6. Do it little by little until you finish the rest of your hair.

(tip: It’ll take time to collect such thing but you can cheat on it. Separate the tubes on the rolls right away after buying a whole pack from the store.)

(tip 2: Do it overnight. The use of dividing your hair in two is for you to have space at your back head to sleep on. Don’t use a pillow while you sleep. Because… That’s why.)

I’ve tried this twice.

The first one is when I applied a leave on conditioner. (Don’t use leave on when you plan to sleep with it overnight.) But it curled a bit and I don’t know if it will be good for you.

And the second one is with water. After washing my hair, I air dry it and do the 3rd instruction above. I leave it overnight and in the morning, it gives me loose curls.

This tip is perfect for casual wears or going to the beach. It’s also good for the school, it lasts in two days depending on how your curls looked like.

(This was based on a YouTuber I found and it helped me a lot. This was like my favorite of them all.)

4. I’ll say it again…

Divide your hair in two and tie the other part with anything long and thick circular shape you can use a pencil? So that’s it. Dump the other side of your hair and divide it horizontally. Start twirling the bottom past until you can’t twist it anymore and secure it with a band. Do it again on the top part of your hair. Vice versa.

(tip: you can do it without separating just by using the twist braid. If you aren’t updated with it, search on the internet.)

(This was based on my favorite YouTuber. Vivian Vo-Farmer. Go search her on YouTube.)

Let me hear your thoughts!