Hair Hacks (Conclusion)

If you have crazy hair like mine, you’re reading on the right page…

Why on earth won’t my hair stay in place?

And why on the planet does my hairstyle changes every morning without me making any effort?

Do I need to question everything?

Yeah, of course… It has a purpose for why it’s called crazy…


How to deal with this problem?

Well, I don’t recommend this to all of you, but, we have to know the real problem…

First, you need to…

  1. Consider these questions:
    a. Do you have a problem? (really?)
    b. Do you need to change it to resolve it?
    c. Does it make you uncomfortable?
    d. Is it unresolvable?
    e. Is it unreasonable?

Second, think…

  1. Are these familiar?
    • split ends
    • unfamiliar bump
    • rough edges
    • oily hair
    • dry hair

Third, in many cases…

  1. Have you:
    • tried to go to the parlour just for the strands?
    • made a scheduled visit to the store for hair products?
    • read hair hacks?
    • watched hair hacks?
    • tried any of these kinds of cases?

Fourth, and last but not the least…

  1. Are you willing to:
    • make a sacrifice for your hair? (and by sacrifice, I mean money and time)
    • make an effort to do so?
    • find a solution, not only in general but for YOUR own hair?

If you think about it and answered yes for most questions… Then you do have a problem with your hair…

Not that bad, of course, but there’s always a solution for every problem…

I don’t say that it is easier to find solutions on the internet and stick to it.. (one solution only is not enough)

You need to know the main problem you have and try to find different solutions just so you can experiment with your hair…

I’m not discouraging you to continue on searching for answers but, I was almost on the edge of breaking while looking for what really is there to make a change for…

I’ve tried:

  • washing hair after 4 days (sometimes after a week unless I’m sweating and it’s summer)
  • sleeping with wet hair (and you don’t want to do this)
  • ironing every strand of hair after blow-drying it (yeah, every time.. Now it’s dead)
  • using a heatless curl hack then sleeping on it (I have had a bad night doing it. I needed to sleep face down because I forgot to consider I was going to sleep on it and, you know the struggle, right?)
  • going to parlours for straightening hair permanently¬†(yeah, my hair is not natural.. anymore)
  • tying my hair so tight, my scalp couldn’t hold on any longer. (BECAUSE… That is why)

My conclusion is…

You don’t need to do the same thing to your hair for eternity…


Experimenting is fun… (sometimes.. unless you’re experimenting before an unexpected event like, you saw your crush and you had your bad hair day)

Let me hear your thoughts!