Hair Hacks (Bangs)

2. Everyone can enjoy bangs and you can rock it with your own hands.

a. Straight bangs: Use a brush/comb to separate enough amount of hair for your bangs and prepare to cut that hair out. Tie all the remaining hair strands. Comb all your hair bangs in front of your face. Twist it once then at least parallel on the tip of your nose, cut straight with scissors. Easy and simple. Trim the excess until you’re happy with the result.


(tip: use a mirror while doing the bangs)

b. Side bangs: Use a comb/brush to separate the hair you want to cut and tie the remaining parts. Comb your hair opposite to where you want your bangs to be. Cut the ends out (or trim it out) and VOILA. Swipe your bangs to your side and enjoy.


(tip: You can cut it slanted downwards for longer at the side and shorter in the middle)

c. Heart-shaped bangs: Okay… this is serious… Just use those combs/brushes to separate that piece of a hair and tie the other piece of parts and let’s proceed to the piece of a cutting procedure. Using a comb, swipe the strands on the left side of your hair and cut it halfway downwards (from the left). And using the same method, vice versa. Trim.

(tip: you can cut a heart shape in a paper and just trace it to your hair)

d. Trim your bangs: Separate your bangs and tie your hair (you can do it without tying your hair). Grab your bangs and comb it upwards. Cut the unwanted tips and you’re finished.

(tip: use oils that are good for your hair after cutting to prevent split ends)

Let me hear your thoughts!