Had to Ride Again

I had to break a routine. And I needed exercise. That is 2 things I did today. On my 2-wheels again!

When I ride, I use Samsung Health to track my pace and then upload it to Strava.

My legs wanted to ache so bad and my lungs needed the icy pricks from the autumn air. Based on my app’s calculations, it took me roughly 20 minutes to arrive at my destination.

Thoughts were damaging my brain cells as I travel along the same path I take. There were 2 paths I could take to arrive at my destination: the shortcut (the road with stoplights and traffic) and the longcut (park along the river with multiple elevations).

I told myself I should take a warmup and go to the easier cut. But my bike has a mind of its own and we went to the bridge, where the entrance to the park is going to be. I guess I should trust my instinct on this one. The park has several segments. One is a 0.2 km long, 3% elevation climb before the “easy” part. It is the trickiest, most savage segment of this sweat-producing long line. It takes me a minute to climb, at least according to Strava. And I am still working on taking the climb to a minimum of 30 seconds.

The other reason is that I want to make my lungs stronger and healthier. I am not used to enduring pain in exercise because I am more sensitive than I wanted my body to be. Mental pain tolerance I can manage but physical for me is too much. So I needed a diversion. It helps me a lot.

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