Guilty Habits

Have you ever been in a conversation between two other individuals and they talked about some weird habit yet you laugh because you pretended not to be guilty doing it, too? I did.

In high school, we got out of class and talked about peeing. It was funny back then. Still a good laugh now, but it grossed me out even more. My classmates were talking to each other and asking weird things until the “pee” part. The guy friend asked the lady friend how she cleans after peeing. I do not remember if the lady friend said what I thought she did but here goes: “the tissue goes between the legs from the front.” The guy friend and I laugh about it because it was hysterical.

I laughed because it was really weird when someone says it. Although I use the same method, I did it on purpose. It was my way of saying that was funny but I might do it because it is.

Anyways, that was just a memory of my high school days. I want to relive some of it because of funny thoughts. But I’ll just leave it here.

Comment down below what you can say about these weird thoughts. If you are grossed out, feel free to just ignore this. Goodnight!

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