Go Through With It

Courage fails me sometimes. Trembling hands. Sweaty nose. Cold feet. The last thing I want is to collapse on the spot. Fear envelopes me like a letter. I suffocate with its firm grip. The words won’t come out.

My lungs keep on pumping air into my system. I care not for it keeps the passion burning. Sharp eyes hit my face. Glances full of questions and emotions. I start to talk but the statements are locked.

I hear whispers from my mouth. They are connected, my tongue and brain. I wonder if it’s audible. To begin, laughter is the best answer. Ending it is impossible. Conclusions slip through my grip like water. I can’t hold on much longer.

But then, I realize I must go through with it. I just need to follow my instincts. Instead of cutting off time, I considered my own experiences. Nothing is worth hearing than true evidence. I put worry aside and speak with confidence.

Overcome the dread. Drain the fatigue. Learn to laugh.

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