Get Fit

A year ago…
We went to the Philippines
to have a good vacation
away from work.

A year ago…
I was thin.

Throwback to August 2018...
Ate once at night.
Active in everyday activities.
Sleep late at night.
Wake up early (for school).
No stress eating.
A monthly dose of Longboard.

This year’s Activities:
Double eating at night.
Not that active.
Sleep late, wake up late.
Stress eating.
No daily sports.

I gained 4 kg in the Philippines.
Kept on gaining more weight.
Got larger arms.
With a bigger stomach.
And puffed cheeks.

Everything adds up to a result of today’s body. I am not overweight and my BMI is normal. But my appearance is starting to get obviously rounded. And my high metabolism is slowly becoming lower.

My boyfriend and I have a different view about getting fit. Since I BELIEVED I have a fast metabolism, I wanted to gain weight. So I ate too many too much. I’m not happy anymore. (if you are skinny, don’t aim to gain more weight. Aim to be healthier.)

I am aware…

I was getting bigger. I am aware that this is not a joke anymore. The more I abused myself, the less I will become healthier in the future. So, it comes to it that I decided to challenge myself on a vacation exercise.

Remember, Trail Riding in July 2019?

That was when it clicked.

I told my boyfriend that I won’t buy a monthly ticket for August. And that I will ride a bike to and from their house on weekdays. In the weekends, he will come and get me at my house with a motorcycle to go to church.

Once, he told me it will be impossible for me to ride the bike every single day because I was not “abituata” or not used to. I was determined. Every day, I told him I can do it. He even told me he’d buy me a ticket for this month. Until one day, he made up his mind and told me I can take his Kona Gravel Bike and use it to commute. I was at first in doubt because that bike is one of his favourites out of the four bikes he owned. But then, he likes them all so he doesn’t mind.

Yesterday (July 31, my first night of bike workout), I installed a tracking app for bike workout. As it turned out, I covered a distance of 6 km in 24 mins. I burned a total of 109 calories.
Not so technically speaking, I burned a lot of calories for just 24 mins of the first-time workout.

This morning, I went all out to surpass my record of more than 2 mins in 1 km. It became almost 2 mins in 1 km.
My time is still the same but with a longer distance covered.
I am not good at explaining complicated things (because I don’t understand it well, too). But in short, I was better this morning.

I hope to continue my progress until the end of this month. If I get to see a better result in my health and my appearance, I would happily extend this healthy torture until October.


Featured Photo by Bong Salvacion
Bike owned by him, too.
Not mine.

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