Free Soul

My worst nightmare came to life…

Do you remember “My Cat Abandoned Me”? Summary: one day my cat didn’t come back home and I couldn’t find him anywhere. But when I got out of the house, another family was waiting there and my cat got out of the house and went straight to the strangers. I wanted to get him back but he insisted he never knew me. I woke up with tears and agony.

When I get to see them again that day, I only saw Manaw with a swollen ankle because of a bad landing from the rooftop to the balcony.

After a while of recovering, he continued to climb up the roof. I trusted him to return home safely every day, until today. He didn’t come back. I was just speechless. I wanted to cry but it won’t come out. On the balcony, I searched for a trace of him. He didn’t meow back when I tried to call him. We even visited the other part of the building to look for him. He wasn’t there either.

He is a Free Soul after all…

Worst scenarios come up to my head. Ways a cat could die.

Maybe he got down from the roof of the 3rd floor and went straight to the street and got hit by a car.

Or maybe he was eaten by the birds while he was playing on the roof.

And worst, he fell from the rooftop. Maybe we didn’t see any trace of him because he was on the other side.

It has been 6 long hours since I felt his absence. I hope he’s okay and in good hands if not just sleeping. Please be okay. Please… 😭😭😭


Here is the next day, July 12, 2019. I got good news from my boyfriend. My cat came back home at 11 o’clock in the evening. But according to my bf’s mom, he came down at 3 o’clock early this morning. Maybe my cat wandered again because it didn’t rain last night. I planned on scolding him for what he’s done. But it didn’t last long. He made me rethink on doing so. Next Blog is our meet up.

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