For Keeps

A built relationship with someone can only be crashed based on its foundation.

If you are in a relationship, say it’s a friend, a family or a lover, there will always be ones for keeps. They are the ones who know you from the sole of your dark mysterious side to the top of the better version of you.

I do not consider myself a social butterfly. The crowd makes me cautious. To make friends with anybody else, I need strong guts and a sense of warning. I talk a lot for a shy girl. Guess things can be self-taught.

But I do have a list of important friends to me.

The first one would be a majestic guy who is always by my side through thick or thin. He knew both my ugly and pretty faces and still accepts me for it. I am becoming a better version of myself thanks to him. There are things I can talk to him about more than anyone else in the world. He is my best friend, my partner and the biggest enemy I have yet to crash down.

Next would be two women who accepted me despite my crazy attitude. I did not choose them to be part of my life but it was destiny’s fault I fell for their trap in the first place. Even if we do not see each other often, we can talk as if there was no time gap. I consider them as my closest best friends and it’s all that matters.

I had a friend, book friend who introduced me more on fictional books when I thought that reading them would be a waste of time and effort. At that moment, I knew we’d be amazing friends. It did happen up until she decided to stay home in the Philippines and I ended up alone. I guess not all friends are always there physically but through Social Media, we can still be connected.

My sisters and I do not talk as much as friends do. My younger sis and I talked as friends only four years ago when we were in the same school here in Italy. We talked for two whole years and we went our separate ways. The youngest is my closest because she is hard to forget. She is understanding and will definitely hug you for no reason. No reason at all. But, then again, that’s what friends are for.

I have so much to mention but to cut it all short, don’t hurt your friends. They are a part of you and what makes you.

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