First Hill Climb

My legs hurt.

We planned a morning bike to the hills today. It was epic. First, I woke up and dressed on time. The problem is I couldn’t find my bike gloves. I’ve been searching for it for almost 10 minutes and my bf called me twice. I told him to wait and look for it for another 20 minutes. Then I decided to go down without any.

I told my bf why I was late. He told me that he didn’t see me wear them yesterday and maybe it was at their house. I let it go.

That’s the start of my day.

The climb was steep. And it did not end up with only 3 climbs but multiple more. My legs were worn out. When we got to the top, we also got some selfie photos.

I didn’t feel that my legs hurt until now. It is not painful but is stiff. I can still walk and run but not climb.

On the final push, I was 4th from all that I follow. (There are 4 of us, sooooo)

I appreciate bikers now. They are not only cautious but also the endurance is real. Now I can enjoy watching Red Bull TV’s Downhill and Cross Country Competitions. Thanks love.

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