Find Me

Finding yourself is somewhat challenging. You’ll end up having several trial and errors. Throughout the journey, there’ll be misfortunes, misfits, luck and bets. I guess it’s up to us to know what we are made up of.

Sometimes, finding ourselves may lead us to expand our capacities and capabilities. It might follow our plan, take a detour or find a shortcut. But it’ll all be worth it in the end. What’s important is that I find me.

I, personally, found out I was never good at dancing and that I could sing decently. Drawing was just a passion when I was a kid and an advantage when I’m competing with a child. Photography led me to own almost all my featured image here on my website. It also brought me closer to my man. School let me have amazing friends scattered around the world. Writing made me realize I don’t need to act differently just to catch the attention of others.

I have my own sets of pros and cons. The real me is still evolving and I’m trying to search for deeper truth about my personality.

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One thought on “Find Me

  1. great..
    you know, school didn’t teach me anything. it just left me some memories which I still like to try again.. no specific friend though..

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