Errors Educate

There will always be proof of errors being the best teacher. They teach us how to more careful the next time around. Mistakes show us why we need to be better.

There was a prophecy about me writing a song. It was at least five years ago. Before everything else, I already aspired on becoming a songwriter myself. (You can recall if you’ve read most of my journal.) On that same year, 2014, I wrote an original which was not my best because I lacked experience. I created a piece of catchy pop-like music with random lyrics. It was okay for me then because I wrote a song with words for the first time in my entire life. My musical influences can be seen in that song. But the lyrics do not mean anything to me. They were just gibberish. I don’t even remember the whole song now.

The next months and years have passed and I did not attempt to finish another song. I kept on making one, finish it to the middle, and starting all over again. It was two years later that I’ve decided to stop writing a song and start to focus on my blog. There goes my childhood dream.

Since I was the guitarist/bassist in our church, I learned more and more songs of Hillsong, Jesus Culture, Planetshakers, Elevation Music, etc. Their music influenced me in a way that my soul searched more experiences and exposures in the world of music and how they create a masterpiece. Then I chose between electric guitars and bass guitars. The latter caught my heart. So now I’m a bassist/singer.

Other self-achievement!

I also aspired to become a song leader for the congregation. And I am now. My vocals were practised and so is my song choices. I have my own tastes of song genres. My brain continues to look for my type. Through experience, I created a whole new song with my favourite time signatures and chords. The lyrics were all thought through. Even though there were a handful of melody drafts on my record files, it didn’t stop me to finish everything. I took it to church and we polished it. The song is completed. I was just waiting for the drums, keys and bass to have their own parts. Then it will be ready to be recorded.

There is always time for everything. You cannot rush things because of a prophecy or a big expectation. Nothing is good with false hope. Your time will come at the right moment.

If it wasn’t for my first song, I wouldn’t know what to NOT DO and what to EXPECT FOR MYSELF. There is always room of improvements.

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