Enjoy What You Do

It has been 2 weeks since I have started my work as a barista. In my experience, I begin to enjoy what I do and how I do it. I am committed to learning more about working in a Caffe bar and how everything needs to be in shape. In my observation, I saw what owners will do to their new recruits and how they push you towards your limits and then become satisfied in what you’ve overcome to reach the position you are in.

My hands suffered a lot of cuts and wounds from different sharp objects at work. It is not an easy job if you are still learning new things every day. But once you are habitually doing things, they seem the same.

I learned to enjoy talking to people and socializing with strangers because I had to talk to new and old clients just to entertain them a bit. It has been a great 2-week journey (and counting). I hope I can make it until I can find a new job. One that is easier and closer to my studies.

If I can endure my work now, I can continue to work anywhere I want to be. Only time can tell.

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