Sometimes you need to undergo trials to become stronger. It is necessary to endure pain to prove that you can do more. The most effective way is to test your limit.

When I started working, my body ached so much I could not withstand the pain. I always complain about my legs being worn out. The stress I had in school cannot be compared to learning how to work properly especially without any work experience. I had worked when I was at school but it is nothing I cannot do. When I was in “Superiore” (high school in Italy), I worked as an event videographer for Piemonte Movie. It is office work because we had to take footage of the event and montage the clips into one single video highlights. Every Movie Festival is equivalent to one movie highlight. It is easier for me because I love my work. I already have experience in movie making and photography. I do not complain about working late because I usually do it at home (in bed).

But my work now requires physical strength. I am not used to working my ass off in someone else’s bar or anybody else’s place. Except for my boyfriend’s house and my house. I think it is necessary to do chores at home.

That was in the first 2 days of work. In my 3rd day onwards, I worked better. I was faster than before and I already made my boss proud. Yet after a week and a day I had to be lectured day by day because of the wrong things I do. I still have to become better in montaging milk for Caffe macchiato and Cappuccino. And the cashier area, I have to memorize more.

My boyfriend always meets me after work and he accompanies me to my bus stop. He told me he wanted to see me because it is only the time he can during the week. Although we can meet on Sundays and Saturdays because it is my free time. I told him as we are walking home that I am close to giving up on my work. He assured me that it is normal on my first months because I have no experience and I just have to be accustomed in my daily activities.

It was hard but I have to endure everything to ensure my future. And what I wish is to have more strength not only physically but also emotionally.

I also should be thankful because I have work. Not everyone is blessed with work that will guarantee their life abroad.

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