Enamored With Figures

I fell in love with math the first time I solved a complicated problem by myself. I still remember the satisfaction and chills it gave me and I wanted to feel it again and again.

It was high school. Our teacher did his best to explain everything to us, though he is too fast to follow. Everyone hated the subject because we did not understand a thing. The bright students can answer every question in the book. I hated them, no, I envy them because it was so unfair. How come they understand a thing when all of us did not?

In the earlier years of high school (first and second year), Mathematics was just simple. There were Algebra and simple math. But in the last years (third and fourth year), it became more complicated and mind-blowing. There were Advance Geometry and Calculus. Since they are added to our +2 subject, we needed to accept it with all our hearts.

I wanted to learn more about Mathematics and every theory there is to solve a problem faster. There was a Saturday class only about Math and I love going there just for the sake of gaining more knowledge and techniques. I have enjoyed every second of it. (well, to be honest, I got bored a bit.)

Up until today, I do still love the subject. I appreciate what I can do with logic and numbers. My phone games are mostly related to math. I enjoy taking photos of symmetrical objects and places. There are times that I apply my knowledge and share it with my sister. It is an advantage for me because I enjoy numbers and my brain can work out.

Who else loves math? Do you have any prefered math games for mobile? Comment it down below.

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