I had an untamed hair. It was all over the place. I brushed it too much. Shampooed the wrong products. Damaged with heat. Every possible torture I made that could have been prevented if only I knew what to do with it. Do I regret it? No. But now, I can do better.

My hair journey has a great impact on my life since I was a little kid. Growing up being laughed at, discriminated and mocked on just because I had a “funny hair”. It was not funny for me. I did everything I could to PLEASE every one around me. Because that was a “better” alternative to accepting myself.

I watched my mom straightened her hair at the salon every year. Since she is my idol at that time, I was envious. When I see her beautiful straight long hair, I wanted to have them too. But since I was only a kid, they didn’t want me to have a salon treatment just yet. So I waited until I was in 3rd-year high school. It was prom. I tried to have my hair relaxed the day before prom. It didn’t work out as I planned it to be. After the night, it all went out and my hair came out frizzy and damaged.

Then 4th-year high school came and graduation passed by. I went to the salon and had rebonded for permanently straight hair. It lasted a year. I wore my straight hair until I entered a 6 months college course. Then I cut it short because I was depressed. Or so I thought. The haircut didn’t go well with what my head was thinking. It was worse.

Weeks after, I have to go abroad because it’s time for me to go out of the country and live my life from square one. But before going to Italy, I had my hair professionally straightened this time. It lasted a good year or so until my roots became visible again. I did this process for 5 years. In the summer, I had salon visits every year.

After a while, I learned about the Curly Girl Method. It was life-changing. I wanted to be free from my toxic hair routine and live natural. This is one of the things I didn’t regret. Though it costs more than having straight hair, I won’t swap it with damaged hair. I am happy with what is growing out of my scalp. It cut off most of my time just doing my hair. It was liberating.

I am still transitioning after a year of following the CGM. It is already shiny and manageable compared to before. So love your hair. Let them breathe. They will thank you later.

If I can embrace my true hair texture, so can you. Stop insisting something that does not work out. Just play with what you have and all will come through. Be patient.

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