I have never felt so embarrassed my entire life.

My day was normal, as usual. Got out of the house after lunch (which is 5pm on my watch). And went for a walk until I reached my bf’s house where my cats live. A normal day to day activity that I can execute with my eyes closed.

The unexpected thing was when I was already on board sitting in the bus with my sister. I was busy watching PBB Otso (reality show in the Philippines, 8th edition) on Facebook. My feet were mindlessly kicking the buttom support of the chair. As I stumped it multiple times, a realization hit me. I was kicking someone’s foot carelessly. It was so embarrassing that I did not mind saying sorry to the person sitting behind me.

My curiousity kicked in and I jumped out of my chair to get off on the next stop. I looked down the chair I was on and saw that there was a stand at the buttom. Not only was I humiliated by my own stupidity but I was relieved I did not say sorry for nothing. We went out and laugh about the experience.

I learned about something today the hard way. “Maraming namamatay sa maling akala.” Meaning: Many dies from misunderstandings. So be careful and have a good life!

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