Easy to Forget

I have a big problem. My memory…

There are times I do not understand why I keep on forgetting where I put my phone. Sometimes my friends find it and mock me about it. There are also situations when I was holding it a moment ago and then lost it elsewhere. I always thought I have signs of Alzheimer’s Disease. Or maybe Dementia. But I am only 24 so I surfed the internet and I found a test to verify my problem.

Actually, it indicates that my memory loss doesn’t need further medicational treatment because it MAYBE caused by stress, overworking or overthinking. As a woman under 45 years old, it is impossible to make a symptom of Permanent Memory loss.

I have always wanted to improve my memory by downloading Mind Games in the App Store. For example “Brilliant”, “Elevate”, “Memory Games”, “Brain Games”, etc. I always look for memorization and it seems okay to me. Only actual activities do I need to be more careful and attentive with.

Though it is not only my phone that I forget, my work suffers because I do not have the ability to memorize everything. Or maybe because I am not habituated and I need to improve my performance more.

Anyways, I am open to suggestions on how to improve my memorization.

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