Earn Confidence (Part 2)

You know you can be confident, at times. Then for a moment, you can be so shy you can’t be seen anywhere else but your safe place. Sometimes, insecurities are to blame. Or maybe it’s just your nature.

But then, if you remain looking at your insecurities to cover your confidence, you won’t grow up. You can’t earn confidence by not trying. You won’t see the greatness inside you if you won’t start moving. Here click here for the 1st Part.

But here are 10 other ways to boost your confidence:

( Disclaimer: the ideas aren’t mine and I won’t take credits for all the ways written below. I can only share my thoughts and other ideas for earning confidence. have fun ^_^ )


11. Be grateful.

Grateful for the love you share, the air you breathe, the food you eat, the house that’s keeping you warm, the pets who make you smile. Be grateful in general. Everything is to be thankful for. Even the bad experiences in learning.

12. Learn new things and fill yourself with knowledge.

It means that you must learn life essentials and how you manage to share your knowledge with others. Not the other way around.

13. Go with people who encourage you instead of someone who is putting you down.

Keeping yourself positive and getting away from people who keep you down is the best way to be confident with yourself. You don’t need their words to grow. Yes, you’ll learn but you can’t grow. Being with positive ones will help you to know yourself more.

14. Know your talent.

Concentrate on what keeps you happy and that you are proud to show the world. If you are a singer, sing gracefully. But if you dance, feel every move. And if you play music, do it with passion. Say you can draw, be as creative as you can be. Just do what you love.

15. Don’t make fear your excuse.

Fear won’t take you to places. It will only pull you down from who you can become.

16. Stop comparing yourself to others.

You are awesome. The most beautiful. And most importantly, you are who you are. Unique. One and only. Only YOU can do what you do best.

17. Embrace the unknown.

New things are good, sometimes. But learn to accept the unknown. Expect the unexpected. That’s how you can enjoy what you already have and make a challenge out of changes.

18. Know that everything is not perfect. aka AVOID PERFECTIONISM.

It’s nice to be perfect. Everyone wants that. But being imperfect makes you unique. And being unique doesn’t mean you don’t belong. It means you are specially made.

19. Focus on solutions.

Problems surround us. Don’t make another problem out of a problem. It’ll just make it complicated you’ll have a mountain of questions. Find the solution to the simplest things and do it until the hardest question. It applies also in life.

20. Get to know yourself.

What do you want? feel? think? the things you like? These are the questions you need to ask.
NOT: What would they think? What would they need me to be? What should I do to make them proud?

Let me hear your thoughts!