Don’t Limit Yourself

Stop limiting yourself from life’s choices.

People see things from their own perspectives. Try looking through others’ angle, you might as well be mesmerized. Don’t limit yourself.

Life’s choices are limited to what you let yourself in. There are countless options you can run into. Alternatives to replace bad choices. Possibilities to conquer. Hopes to make true.

I am not far from having this life’s experiences. The joke’s on me. I restrained myself from overdoing everything. See these things as opportunities to take a step forward and to overcome the consequences of my previous choices and mistakes. I see it as a cue to start fresh and let my mind see the situation and run to the finish line.

My blog started from scratch. I had no idea what I would write or what contents I must put. And how I’ll handle such stress.
The first idea was to write my thoughts and ideas. Maybe a bit of photo and a caption can do. I did shove some life hacks in there. I uploaded some videos I made to pass the time. There are Movie Reviews I thought I am dedicated to. I tried Shipping movie characters and loved it. Started Photo Project I’m ashamed to have discontinued.
And now, here I am with a new time-invested project: the Daily Journal (which is not technically “daily” because I only post on weekdays)

Did my weak points stop me? They did prolong my set schedule. Yet, they didn’t stop me from achieving my goals. My trials and errors were just my other plans that needed to improve.

Look in other aspects. Search for inspirations. See other people’s work and be motivated. The more you know about your industry, the more your work improve. Make a HUGE difference from where you have started.

Once you accomplish what you desire, be thankful.

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