Do You Trust Me?

Trust. A deep word with deeper meaning. Difficult to comprehend. Whether it is physically or emotionally. Do you trust me?

If something happens and I am present, are you willing to sacrifice the thought that I am responsible? Even though, do you consider me as a family to have faith in to? I don’t think so.

Little things can be big things when abandoned. That is one thing I learned through days of experience. You have to be serious when needed. It is not every day a joke. You can brush it all off if you want but at the end of the day, “wrong is wrong”. But you cannot correct an error with another mistake.

Do you trust me? Life is not fair. Sometimes, you are the victim. And other times, you are a part of a community. The worst part is not having a good trust from someone you have faith in. I hope no one suffers from it. But, life is a contrast. It is not every day Christmas.

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