Do What You Do Best

One thing I can guarantee you is that doing what you can do best can either improve your skills or learn to appreciate what you know.

I can write. Photography was not my weakest point either. Though I cannot say I am good at visual creativity, I enjoy drawing. These kinds of activity I do almost everyday improves me as a creative person. I learn new things everyday. Changing my patterns also helps my mind to settle down and relax. I love relaxing.

There were times I failed to see what I want to do. I tried to push myself to do excess activities that were not worth my time. Although they helped me find out I don’t need them to live.

If you love to write just like me, start small. Pen on paper. Hands on keyboards. However it fits you. And then write whatever comes to mind whether it is a rant, an encouragement, a blog, tips and tricks, a love letter. It’s up to you imagination. Do it twice a month, then once a week. When you’re confident enough you could write everyday. There is no stopping you. The publication depends on how you can be an open book.

It’s the same when you love reading or doing sports, socializing with people or the characters on your book. Your routine is your rule.

One rule you should always keep in mind and can break is be consistent. As long as you’re haooy with what you do.

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