Do Not Give Up That Easily

I have problems. We all have them. The problem is how we handle the situation and solve it on our own.

Yesterday evening, I suffered from a severe toothache. I finished eating so I took some painkillers and waited at least three hours for the pill to work. But after my expected time, the pain did not subside. I tried to take a nap but failed to do so because of intense suffering. The internet was my next option.

At 2 in the morning, I was on my phone, with throbbing gums, and took the remedies to heart. First, I took an ice pack and placed it on my cheeks to ease the pain. I did so because that was the easiest and most obvious thing to numb the pain. After too long, the ache was still there. I tried other options like placing an ice cube between the thumb and the forehand until it was numb. For seven minutes, or even more, I tolerated the irritation I felt just to have a zero result.

I have already given up that time. It was almost 12 hours since the pain started yet the meds did not accomplish its sole purpose. My head turned upside down and my body was already giving up. I did not want to eat. I just get out of and on the bed. The pain still won’t go.

At noon, I decided to take one more medicine and see what it can do. But before taking it, I ate 2 bananas just to help with the digestion. After reposing and praying for the best, I took a hot shower. When the warm water touched my cheeks, the pain disappears. So I took my time and watched One Piece on the bath.

When I thought nothing can cure me that’s when miracles happen. I shouldn’t have doubted a thing. No medicine alone can cure diseases. If you do not care for yourself and take a risk and most importantly pray, you’ll end up defeated. A reminder: Please, don’t give up that easily. Everything has a way.

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