Do Not Forget to Love Yourself

People need a constant reminder to love themselves.

Self-abuse is one of the most inappropriate things to harm your body. You force yourself to do things it’s not supposed to do. It’s easy to do things our own ways.
Sleep so late at night.
Overdo things.
“Breaks are for losers.”
On an abusive diet.
Work with a headache.
Do ten chores at the same time.
Worry so much.
Being envious over nothing.
Intaking bad medicine.
Taking bad advice.

I know it’s not that bad to do such things if there’s a good reason to do so. But people do not care for themselves. They’ll still do it without second guess and forgetting to love themselves by doing things slowly. These things can make human fatigue. It’s not easy to think if your body is stressed.

Pamper yourself with a great amount of self-love. Go to the salon once in a while. Spend on something you can invest from. Treat yourself in a spa. Watch a movie and eat on your bed. You don’t have to do much just to feel okay. Your body is a temple. You need to take care of it and show that you love yourself.

Because once you love yourself, you can easily love others.

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