Do Not Fear

Fear is overrated.

It is not a word to hold on to when you want to do the right thing. Fear does not mean being shy. You don’t have to limit yourself just because you feel afraid. Truth hurts and it will truly set you free. But if you are to restrain on the things you believe makes you stronger, then you chose to accept the wrong side of fear.

I am not kin of telling the complete truth because I do not want to make myself a victim of convictions. But I condemn myself to lie and I do not want that to happen. So the best thing I could do is to be true to myself and the rest will follow through.

Do not fear. It is not written in the Bible to have a fear in our hearts except to fear Jesus Christ in everything we do. Because He gave us our lives and we should live in His ways. Do not fear for God is stronger than any problem. He is mightier than anyone. No one can break what He has in according to His plans.

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