Do Better This Time

Three days ago, I’ve made the biggest decision that could change my life forever.

One thing I know myself of is that I am not fond of interacting with most people. I hate going to conferences where I’m obligated to participate. The feeling of trying so hard to communicate in front of dozens of human being inside a small room makes me nauseous.

Here in Turin (Italy), there is a group of people who accommodate conference about the Job Club. I saw the opportunity to register online (site: and took the best chance of participating a meeting for youth under 35 years old searching for jobs.

I registered on Tuesday afternoon while looking at my phone. The original plan wasn’t to write for that club but to register my name on the employee list here in Turin. Little did I know, the registration for the Job Club was a complete success.

The day after, a new number called my phone. I did not answer the call because it may be a scam number. All I did was searched for it online and it’s the Job Club I wanted to join. I did not call back. Instead, I waited for them to call again.

Two days after I was still expecting.

Friday afternoon I couldn’t wait any longer. I called back and ask why they’ve called me. They just wanted a confirmation from me if I can make it on Saturday. I confirmed and waited for tomorrow to come.

The next thing I know, I tried to ditch Saturday’s appointment but it was too late to back out. I entered the room and my heart pounded so hard. I felt so afraid. In the end, I managed to complete the three-hour presentation.

The Club is still ongoing every Tuesdays.

I overcame my weakness of being timid and shy. There’s still a long road to follow. I hope I can do better this time.

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