Deck of Cards

We were bored.

Before sleeping, my baby sister and I want to pass the time. We ate some lemon slices and watched Facebook video clips. After a while, we got bored and played card games for two players.

On the first draws, we played recent games we know. It was a card game where you have to defeat the opponent by removing all cards from your deck. The game started and finished automatically.

I got tired of it and we tried to ask Google’s help to keep the furnace burning. We had a couple of new games, to begin with, and it’s as complicated as it was on the video tutorial.

The game we played was called, “Beggar the Neighbour”. It means that you have to make your opponent a beggar by getting all his deck of cards. To play this game all decks are drawn equally between players.

The game has a few rules.

  • The amount of the penalty cards: Jack (1 card), Queen (2 cards), King (3 cards), Ace (4 cards).
  • Every player takes a turn to reveal the top cards of their deck until a penalty card shows up.
  • Whoever played the penalty card collects the entire pile of cards from play and adds them on their deck.
  • However, if a player paying the penalty card has drawn another penalty card, the first player must pay the amount in return until no penalty card is drawn.
  • The last person who played the penalty card collects the whole pile and adds them to their deck.
  • The game continues indefinitely until one player acquires all cards in the deck.

It took two games to declare the match winner. Fortunately, I did. The game is interesting but it is time-consuming. It continues until no one is holding a card.

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