Dear Diary

Dear diary,

Today was normal. Birds chirped happily on a tree nearby. Leaves crunched when I step on them. Sun rays made my brows knit. The air was not dense. Cars roared as loud. The city was busy and people were scattered all around.

My day went by smoothly. I’m happy about it. But I hate it.

I hate that I am not living how I want. The days passed by. I keep on delaying things which supposed to give me what I wish for. I hate that I enjoy things I don’t deserve. The idleness of my plans destroys my future. If I had the chance to take back time, I would. But there’s a fine line between taking back what has already happened and putting all your effort for the future.

Now is nearly the year’s end. My resolution is to better myself more. Be active. I’ll stop acting tough and start compromising myself. The best lesson I had in 2018 is: “try” to be better is not enough. I “need” to be better not just for myself but for everyone around me.

Start today.

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