Danger of Comparison

Okay. So guys, in this blog I wanted to be direct and frank. For everything I don’t want to make other children feel is to be compared to. (I heard it from somewhere and it hit me). I went through one too many comparisons from strangers to friends and to families. Trust me in this, it didn’t end too well. I was just happy that in my current situation, I do not care anymore.

Of course, most say that you cannot avoid comparing your sons and daughters to other children because of their achievements. Actually, that’s the worst you can do to them. It will either trigger them to do their best or it could lead to depression. The situation won’t go both ways.

Once, I was compared to my younger sister. Though I was older, my stature is smaller. Everybody else told me that she was prettier, more mature looking, taller, and stuff like that. As a kid, crazy things normally come to mind. You’ll become insecure. For me, it was a real struggle because in those moment, I kept on believing that everybody else is better than me. I was forced to lay low and not get attention for myself.

With a bit of a pressure, I was forced to change who I really am. Well, at least on my appearance. I was born with natural curls but because “straight long hair” was considered beautiful in the Philippines, I chose to be one.

I continuously went to salon for quite a long time and it happened so when I flew from Philippines to Italy. That was over when I finally accepted my real hair.

A side story…

One day, in a winter evening, one of my friend has two children. The older sibling was so noisy and she didn’t want to go to her seat because it’s the old one. The younger brother was not talking and just sitting quietly. A woman took the girl and told her, “Look at your brother, he is so quiet. Be like him.”

After I heard the lady, my heart sunk with sadness. Her purpose was innocent and pure because the girl should be respectful especially for her little brother. But, on the other hand, the woman just compared the two siblings. Chances are, the girl would think that everybody is in favor of his baby bro. We hope not. And that is not the kind of parenting I want for my future children.

Anyways, if you have opinions, let me know in the comments down below. Thank you ❤️❤️

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