A silent night. You hear the sound of crickets. The air feels cold in your cheeks. Your feet are down from the swing you sat on. The blankets are soft in your skin. Under the stars, your eyes wander the ocean blue where the moonshine dances. A peaceful night indeed.

The past storm was long passed. A tree branch on the side was fallen. Most of the land was moist due to the fast setting of the sun. There was no time for the water to evaporate.

Bell chimes ring from a nearby hut. The sound of the wood burning in a campfire warms your heart. The sea waves calm your body as they touch the shore. Everybody’s sleeping while you are thinking about how beautiful the world could be.

The lights from the houses on the horizon seem like fireflies. The windmills on top of the mountain move at a slow pace. The air whistles. Clouds in silver lining wrap the moon with care. Traces of light pass through and make the surrounding a shade of blue.

Could it be possible to find a place like this? Or is it just an image I see in my mind? A place I can visit only by thinking. I wonder if I’ll hear crickets in this busy street, full of noisy cars and party people. I guess beauty is a place where people can be confident with themselves. But maybe it’s just a place I can create with words.

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