Closet Hacks

Ran out of space? Dirty clothes? Unwanted things? Shoes?

Well, have you tried a box?

An easy way to store things in your closet is by using a simple box. You can buy it in any local stores near you in cheap prices but cost you a lot of space or you can recycle (shoe boxes, pyjama boxes and any box you find at home. Not unless it’s dirty and you don’t want to pack your clothes in there).

We usually fold our t-shirts and sleeveless shirts normally and pile them up like a thin sheet of papers.

That’s one hard to find clothes when you have deep storage.

To hack this thing out, simply fold it once more and stack them inside a box, upwards. (If you know what I mean) Remember to label them, for example: “Shirts” “favs” “Sundays” “pyjamas” “leggings“.

You can also put “undies” there, but I recommend you to have separate drawers for them near your bed or wherever you can access easily.

Moving on…

Try to at least get somewhere to hang things up like bags and belts. You don’t want them to just sit on the floor because they occupy areas for smaller things.

Instead of a nail, buy a cheap hook that can be stuck or glued or pasted (no, you can’t hold a bag with only pasted hook). And just dart it at the inside part of the closet door or at the back part of the closet and throw your bags over the hook and… TADA! No more wasted space baby. (Any additional boxes and/or accessories can be added to the spaces.)

You can also use hangers. You just need sticks and stones. (aha, really no. All these jokes are messing my mind.) A stick is a little bit wider than your closet and some drilling tools. (You need your dad or your boyfriend to do that thing. You want to live.)

Just pop out two parallel circles across the inside top of your closet and plug in your stick and you’re ready to rock the hangers.

Let me hear your thoughts!