The Outlaw Couple

I was curious who Bonnie and Clyde were. These names came out from some songs I’ve heard. In my opinion at first, they were a normal couple who happened to be popular because of their cunning love story. I was wrong. The duo were not just “a normal couple”. They were criminals. As I recall… More The Outlaw Couple

Keep It To Yourself

She is the kind who keeps it to herself.Her truth is hidden on the shelf. Yet, she lives a life full of deception.A world that floods with rejection. She is the kind who pretends it is okay.Her actions may seem to portray.Yet, she keeps on living on a fantasy.A promise betrayed. That’s crazy. She is… More Keep It To Yourself

Long Way

The road is always far. There is nothing you can do about it. It may be bumpy. Sometimes it’s dark and cold. Other times it’s beautiful and comfy. The best way you can do is to continue walking through. There will be paths to choose from. The result depends on the choices you make but… More Long Way

Flashes of Calm

The sky was shaded dark. Her lips parted. It seemed like part of her was awaken. The sharp edges of the structure slowly becoming blunt. Ego surpassed her. She put herself first. Pride took the lead. The situation worsens with every word she threw. It was now too late to even withdraw. She risked it… More Flashes of Calm

Hidden in White

Stain. I picked the colour. One without blemish.A thing that can cover the smears. Something pure. Once it’s stained, it can be dissolved.The greased sheath forms an initial coat. I’m sure. Truth be told. I’m no superhuman.All there is can resurface once it’s all done to lure. Maybe that’s why I made it up.Hidden in… More Hidden in White

Same String

Is it good or bad? Tapping on the same string over and over. A monotone sustained. No fillers, melodies, not even a beat. Is silence better than a lifeless note? I try to cover my ears but the sound finds its way through my distant soul. The once breathable air now dense. Is it that… More Same String

Hold My Hand

When it’s cold outside, hold my hand.Just so I’ll feel warm inside.In case I feel alone, hold my hand.Remind me that I’m not alone.Whenever I’m happy, hold my hand.Your touch can double the joy in me. When the sky is grey, hold my hand.Problems do pass through.If we’re together, hold my hand.Yours is not a reminder. It’s love.If we make mistakes, hold… More Hold My Hand