Saturday Photowalk

Before the big surprise, we went for a walk in the city of Turin, Italy. Our plan was to look for possible wedding rings and then drink hot caramel coffee from Busters Coffee. We came from their house so if we walk to the city centre, we needed to pass through the station. Since we… More Saturday Photowalk

Back to Portrait

One of the things I cannot do is Portrait Photography. I was not comfortable with it. It was the worst hobby I would have had. Until I decided to go back and try again. We went to La Venaria Reale and have a nice walk with the fam. It was my dad’s last day of… More Back to Portrait

You saved her

Do you remember the girl you saw with her quiet soul and innocent eyes? Were you aware that inside her hid a thousand voices that shut her up? Did you see what are the lies before her tender smiles? Would you know how she felt at night in her sleep and how she handled it?… More You saved her


The words embossed inside are difficult to remove. They do not fade away before my eyes. Through the years, tears just fall. As scars leave a frightening memory of the past. Though time passes by quickly and reminisce is a backup, it does not mean forgetting. The mind is stronger than the body. For it… More Embossed

In This Together

This is an open love letter: Dear love, When I first met you, there was a strange pull that kept on dragging me towards you. You were my first crush that lasted for two long years without anyone noticing it. There were other boys cuter than you and younger than you that had caught my… More In This Together

For Keeps

A built relationship with someone can only be crashed based on its foundation. If you are in a relationship, say it’s a friend, a family or a lover, there will always be ones for keeps. They are the ones who know you from the sole of your dark mysterious side to the top of the… More For Keeps

Am I Brave?

I tell myself what I truly feel. I confess my doubts. But am I brave enough?In fact, I can’t reach the things that make me happy. I’m not that brave to say what I think. Maybe that’s how I should be since I had the courage to show my name. My virtue. I show my… More Am I Brave?