“So, I doubt my self. No big deal.” One of a person’s WORST instinct is to doubt themselves in times of trouble. They would say “I cannot do this”, “I am not supposed to be here”, “this is not what I was made for”, “I give up”, etc. Sometimes when everything falls apart, it means… More Self-Doubt

Hold Your Time

Everyone with a job knows that their time is not theirs anymore. It is not an obligation to do but is better to accept. When I first started working and I realized that the time I was told to go home is only the time to close. And I have a little overtime every night.… More Hold Your Time

From the Start

I guess it’s time to grow up. Everything happens for a reason. Every litigations and arguments will not lead ONLY to destructions. It can be the start of a new beginning. New knowledge. Deeper understanding. Bigger trust and respect. Unwind and reset. The mind do not want to be exhausted or forced to do things… More From the Start

Easy to Forget

I have a big problem. My memory… There are times I do not understand why I keep on forgetting where I put my phone. Sometimes my friends find it and mock me about it. There are also situations when I was holding it a moment ago and then lost it elsewhere. I always thought I… More Easy to Forget

I Want to Sleep

It is getting late. I did not get my writing come to my mind. My legs hurt. It is also hard to move around in this state. But that’s okay. I am always ready for a challenge. I am rewatching One Piece from the start and been downloading videos for offline use. It is convenient… More I Want to Sleep

Back Pain is Real

I am not sure if I am doing my job right. Since I started working last month being a barista, I restrained myself from sitting or even taking a break. I don’t want to habituate my body to pause and watch my phone while waiting for clients to come. It has been a year of… More Back Pain is Real