Orb of Night

Orb of night – the moon The night was clear yet I was held captive by a specific orb of light. I let out a droplet of crystal inside me. A sigh came out with my breath and I hoped that sooner this feeling fades. The sheets were cold, fists were clenched, a muted tone… More Orb of Night

Human Instinct

I wonder why people change their attitude based on other people’s character. How drastic a man can alter from a face to another. Is it human instinct? Our mind is a mess. If a man looks happy and bright, we can easily smile in their presence. When they look sinister, a whole new appearance cover… More Human Instinct


A silent night. You hear the sound of crickets. The air feels cold in your cheeks. Your feet are down from the swing you sat on. The blankets are soft in your skin. Under the stars, your eyes wander the ocean blue where the moonshine dances. A peaceful night indeed. The past storm was long… More Crickets

Mirror Image

Humans tend to look for a spitting image of themselves. They search for another person with the same interest, love and values. But throughout the process of finding the right match, there are circumstances and challenges far ahead. I had my own challenges and mismatches. I thought love was only a game to share others… More Mirror Image


Like feathers, my principles flew away. My will was shattered. Hopes and dreams might as well give up on me. Every time I come back to reality, my emotions were erased. One by one. Like leaves in November. Like feathers, I’m light but soaked in water and continued to drown. I drowned until my body… More Feathers

Am I Brave?

I tell myself what I truly feel. I confess my doubts. But am I brave enough?In fact, I can’t reach the things that make me happy. I’m not that brave to say what I think. Maybe that’s how I should be since I had the courage to show my name. My virtue. I show my… More Am I Brave?

She Went Berserk

Berserk-i. (adjective) out of control with anger or excitement, wild or frenzied I went berserk…Same shit, different day.I’m uncontrollable. I get angry. I get wild. I even decided my fate but the same crap happens over and over. My head hurts…I covered a chasm.But I still fall in the same hole. I’m freaking buried with every… More She Went Berserk