Cat Appreciation

My blog is almost a collection of my cat’s adventures and how their relationship is with me. But most especially for my older cat, Manaw, who is always a big part of me. So, basically, they are not sleeping at my house since summer 2018. I brought them to my boyfriend’s house and they lived… More Cat Appreciation

Saturday Photowalk

Before the big surprise, we went for a walk in the city of Turin, Italy. Our plan was to look for possible wedding rings and then drink hot caramel coffee from Busters Coffee. We came from their house so if we walk to the city centre, we needed to pass through the station. Since we… More Saturday Photowalk

This Is It!

I AM ENGAGED! This Sunday, 2019 September 22, I was surprised by my boyfriend’s unexpected proposal. He was planning it for the whole month of September and I had no idea. August 2019, we went to Diano Marina with my bf, his brother and his brother’s wife and son. We talked about marriages and proposals.… More This Is It!


This is not what I expected to have when I asked for love. A best friend, a lover, an enemy in one. The partner I will be paired to for the rest of my life. A debater, a teacher, a goal when I run. The place I go home to when I’ll become a wife.… More Soon