Speaking of Games

Speaking of games, there are varieties of categor I enjoy playing. I can go from strategic to logical to mind and simulation¬†games. My personal favourite is Game Simulation. I tried playing Township (a farming game) and lasted 60 consecutive days of late night opening my computer only to beat my record. The first days were… More Speaking of Games

The Bigger Picture

From these few years of practising Photography, I already have my own personal preferences. I restarted handling a photo camera last 2016. From that time, I have considered myself an aspiring photographer. Here are some of my photos in 2016: I experimented from detail photography to portrait to nature and creative photography. There were times… More The Bigger Picture

I Feel Sorry For

Sometimes, it’s easier to make a story you can live on than to accept what is the reality. You are bound to your own emotions and opinions, ignoring what’s on the bigger picture. As if it’s you against the world, yet you force others to join on your self-made box. You protest about your feelings… More I Feel Sorry For

Kinda Weird

There was a bunch of weird stuff happened today. First, I woke up with a weird dream. It was about aliens, or so I think. I took my phone and surf through my Facebook newsfeed before doing my house chores. On the way to the bus stop, I saw this tree. It was wide and… More Kinda Weird

Light ‘Em Up

I have a huge fangirl crush on Leo Valdez of Percy Jackson book series by Rick Riordan. He is my next big crush on this series next to Percy Jackson. It is like living in a parallel world because Leo Valdez is fire and Percy Jackson is Water. *Spoilers* There were basically two pentalogies of… More Light ‘Em Up

Find Me

Finding yourself is somewhat challenging. You’ll end up having several trial and errors. Throughout the journey, there’ll be misfortunes, misfits, luck and bets. I guess it’s up to us to know what we are made up of. Sometimes, finding ourselves may lead us to expand our capacities and capabilities. It might follow our plan, take… More Find Me

Help Me Help You

Let me tell you a story that has been bothering me for the past few hours now. The event took place in the entrance way to an underground train station. I was walking my dog when I noticed a lady ascending on an escalator. She was already at the end of the moving stairway when… More Help Me Help You