Too Many Things

It is normal for me to do a lot of things in a single hour. I am easily bored and I don’t want to do the same routine over and over. After a few minutes of complete working, I wanted a diversion, either play a mobile game, watch a movie and even eat. There are… More Too Many Things


Sometimes you need to undergo trials to become stronger. It is necessary to endure pain to prove that you can do more. The most effective way is to test your limit. When I started working, my body ached so much I could not withstand the pain. I always complain about my legs being worn out.… More Endure

In A Tough Spot

Why do I have to choose sides? It is not easy to consider everyone’s opinion and pick a decision. The more I think about it, the more I have to tell myself that I have my own choices. I want to get out of a tough spot where I cannot even identify. My sanity is… More In A Tough Spot

Mouth Shut

I realized the hard way that keeping your mouth shut will not always do you best. Sometimes, you have to talk and tell what you feel to unload your chest from anything that is making you heavy. And unless you talk to someone about how you feel, you won’t know what’s on their mind. It… More Mouth Shut

Truth Hurts

Telling what is really on your mind strengthens the soul. Being open is not letting yourself become vulnerable. It is a way to let the positivity in and negativity out. We need to learn how to accept what hurts because it will set us free. Learn and learn and learn. Well, tomorrow is another day.… More Truth Hurts

Breaking Point

People are limitless. You can always do more than you thought you can handle. I started working from square one. No experience. Do not know stress. Have no idea what pressure means. Zero idea what my friends tell about getting fatigued from work. I HAD NO IDEA. Starting to work is the biggest, longest, best… More Breaking Point