Hold Your Time

Everyone with a job knows that their time is not theirs anymore. It is not an obligation to do but is better to accept. When I first started working and I realized that the time I was told to go home is only the time to close. And I have a little overtime every night.… More Hold Your Time

Easy to Forget

I have a big problem. My memory… There are times I do not understand why I keep on forgetting where I put my phone. Sometimes my friends find it and mock me about it. There are also situations when I was holding it a moment ago and then lost it elsewhere. I always thought I… More Easy to Forget

Back Pain is Real

I am not sure if I am doing my job right. Since I started working last month being a barista, I restrained myself from sitting or even taking a break. I don’t want to habituate my body to pause and watch my phone while waiting for clients to come. It has been a year of… More Back Pain is Real

Today’s Mood

Yesterday, when I was not at home and went to sleep at my friend’s house, I bought a “2” and a “4” balloon. But I didn’t get to blow them because my friend already has them. Their son is becoming 1 this November so they also bought a “1” balloon. That’s when I saw a… More Today’s Mood

Happy Exhausted

Since I started working, I noticed that my only excuse is being too tired at the end of the day. My muscle hurts. My joint cannot bend well. And my mind is tired all the time because of new work to do. But I have to earn money. I have to be patient and learn… More Happy Exhausted

Holloween Dinner

Today was fun. At my work, there were children “treat or tricking” and drinking water on the way to their next destinations. Some with complete costumes and makeups. Some just playing along with their bags and jokes. After work, my parents fetched me from work to eat outside. Luckily, my boyfriend was there with me… More Holloween Dinner

Writer’s Block

What do I do when I have a writer’s block? There are several times when I do not have something to write or I just don’t feel like writing for the night. For someone who writes daily, I do not promise myself that I have fresh ideas in-store to present on my blog. But as… More Writer’s Block