Guilty Habits

Have you ever been in a conversation between two other individuals and they talked about some weird habit yet you laugh because you pretended not to be guilty doing it, too? I did. In high school, we got out of class and talked about peeing. It was funny back then. Still a good laugh now,… More Guilty Habits

Starless Night

When a starless night blankets the sky, the world is clearer. Your eyes won’t fall by the beauty of the universe but the earth beneath you. Purring engines sing along with the chirping insects. Bouquet of lights bows along the runway. Leaves are swaying in delight under the dim lighting. It is wonderful how the… More Starless Night

Try Again

“It’s okay to lose sometimes.” Try Again. You fall. You stand up higher. Then the same thing goes on. It’s like the world is against you. There is nothing you can do to fight against what has happened. But you can always try to make up for the future. It doesn’t matter how many times… More Try Again

Summer Air

I thought June was the warmest month of the year. Today is unbelievable. The air is sticky and so does ventilators. For this weather, you want to take a shower to be fresh. But when you go out, even right after you get out of the water, nothing changes. It becomes even hotter. We had… More Summer Air

Your Dream is Yours

Dreams are traditional. Everyone has them. Though you have one, there will always be people who won’t be supportive of your success. People who will take you down and prevent you to step up and continue on your progress. But your dream is yours to keep and not for others to stop. Words can be… More Your Dream is Yours