Living a Lie

All my life I’ve been living a single lie… I was hiding behind a face not far from who I am, yet still not the same. I’m controlled by my self-esteem, or, I don’t know, it dominated the game. I’m looking through a stranger’s reflection, not even mine to tame, I struggled with desperation to… More Living a Lie

Soaked in Rainfall

What I like the most about rainfall is being hushed. Disguised. Masked. It won’t let anybody see what is the desire of the heart. Not even a single flask. Soaked in Rainfall will this soul be. Afraid to find shelter, embracing what’s asked. “Live a life,” they said. But how could it be? Around the corner… More Soaked in Rainfall


Cornered in a place where all I know is to run… I was Suicidal… Gave hatred… Hatred for everybody… Yes, that was no joke. When I thought of it now, I believed it was crazy. But I’ve been there. Then, it was the only solution. I believed no one wanted me and I doubted myself,… More Cornered