The Outlaw Couple

I was curious who Bonnie and Clyde were. These names came out from some songs I’ve heard. In my opinion at first, they were a normal couple who happened to be popular because of their cunning love story. I was wrong. The duo were not just “a normal couple”. They were criminals. As I recall… More The Outlaw Couple

At Least I Tried

Today was a difficult day. I did my daily routine and after that, it was a very clever night. My family was invited for dinner at a friend’s house. She is a Filipina and her husband is Italian. They have a dog named Seli. She is already thirteen years old. I played with Seli before… More At Least I Tried

Away From Home

It has been so long since you’re sent away from me. I longed to be by your side. The wave of time is still moving. How I wish it will be my guide. Back to you my darlings, the journey is going on. My dream someday we will hug in my sleep and wake up… More Away From Home