Go Through With It

Courage fails me sometimes. Trembling hands. Sweaty nose. Cold feet. The last thing I want is to collapse on the spot. Fear envelopes me like a letter. I suffocate with its firm grip. The words won’t come out. My lungs keep on pumping air into my system. I care not for it keeps the passion… More Go Through With It

Am I Competitive?

Sundays, for most, is a day of rest after a long week. As for me, it is a day to wake up early and go to church. My routine would be to wake up at seven in the morning, look at my phone a bit hoping not to see something interesting, do my personal hygiene¬†routines,… More Am I Competitive?


Cool air touched my warm skin as I walk to the bus stop. Earphones plugged in. Heavy music was playing on the radio. On the bus stop, I was braiding my hair then a lady patted me on the back. I asked her what’s wrong. She asked if I speak in English. Lucky her, I’m… More Ask

Hold on Tight

This morning, I had the weirdest nightmare. I’ve dreamt about my cat missing for more than a month. It goes something like this: Backstory. I have a cat named “Manaw”. His name was originally given to his older brother, my former cat. Since he also has the same sound as his brother, I named him… More Hold on Tight

They Called

There was this day at noon. I was going about my daily chores when someone called me on my phone. *ring… ring…* “Hello? Who’s this?” “Miss Eloise? Is this miss Eloise?” a woman’s faint voice whispered on the other line. I startled as she says my name. Why do I have a feeling I’ve heard… More They Called

I Hate It When…

I hate it when you tell me to hold your hands because I don’t know the place even if I’ve been there almost every time. How I laugh as if I haven’t heard it already. The way our hands fit together when the red light turns green, ready to protect me from any danger. I… More I Hate It When…

Same String

Is it good or bad? Tapping on the same string over and over. A monotone sustained. No fillers, melodies, not even a beat. Is silence better than a lifeless note? I try to cover my ears but the sound finds its way through my distant soul. The once breathable air now dense. Is it that… More Same String

In Too Deep

I have fallen in too deep in a situation I cannot run from anymore. The chains are far worse than before. My hands are sewn tightly with thin wire. I couldn’t reach my one and only desire. As if the stars are against my will to proceed. Or maybe my own mind stops me right… More In Too Deep

Just Try

In this time, trying is a rare word. We do what we can do best and when we fail, it’s hard to try again. These past few days, I have proven something important. If you plan to give up on your dreams so easily, your goal is useless in the first place. This slapped me… More Just Try

On Your Own

Topic. Topic. Topic. I have been thinking about what to write when I realized I don’t have to think. Women always have something bugging their minds all day long anyways. So I’ll talk spontaneously about women. There was a quote about girls that I can’t take off of my mind. “Each time a woman stands… More On Your Own