Sometimes we fight

Remember when… Sometimes we fightAnd I still love you for that.It’s not because of hatebut because we care. Sometimes we cryand I’m okay with that.You open up to melike nobody would dare. Sometimes we partbut still, meet in a trove.Life’s a maze but,we always find each other. Sometimes we hatebut often times we love.We love each… More Sometimes we fight

Living a Lie

All my life I’ve been living a single lie… I was hiding behind a face not farfrom who I am, yet still not the same.I’m controlled by my self-esteem,or, I don’t know, it dominated the game.I’m looking through a stranger’sreflection, not even mine to tame,I struggled with desperation to be seenand to get me back… More Living a Lie

Soaked in Rainfall

What I like the most about rainfall is being hushed. Disguised. Masked. It won’t let anybody see what is the desire of the heart. Not even a single flask.Soaked in Rainfall will this soul be. Afraid to find shelter, embracing what’s asked.“Live a life,” they said. But how could it be? Around the corner of a… More Soaked in Rainfall

To Be Different

Think about being different… It’s not THAT bad to be different. Sometimes it’s a blessing in disguise. If you’re not yourself, you’ll be easily fooled. Maybe you think it’s difficult to change the habit you’ve made but it’s just a part of the story. “A Plot Twist” But it’s destined for each person to have a… More To Be Different

How To Be Creative

Being creative has been one of the most important parts of life. You can have unlimited things to do, many possible jobs to get, grades to achieve and most of all you can have a hobby. Here are some tricks on how to be creative: 1. Know What You Want. Not everyone knows what he wants… More How To Be Creative