She Went Berserk

Berserk-i. (adjective) out of control with anger or excitement, wild or frenzied I went berserk…Same shit, different day.I’m uncontrollable. I get angry. I get wild. I even decided my fate but the same crap happens over and over. My head hurts…I covered a chasm.But I still fall in the same hole. I’m freaking buried with every… More She Went Berserk

Sila Man Ay May Toyo

Mga tao nga naman… May mga tao talaga na mahilig mang torture. Mahilig mang asar, mambola, mangulit. ‘Di sila tumitigil hangga’t kaya nilang mang badtrip ng kapwa nila tao. Hindi man nila sinasadya, magiging asar pa din sila sa’yo. Bakit nga ba ganon? Dahil ba masaya sila sa nakakapagpabagabag na lagim nilang ugali? (siguro) Dahil ba mahilig… More Sila Man Ay May Toyo

To Be Different

Think about being different… It’s not THAT bad to be different. Sometimes it’s a blessing in disguise. If you’re not yourself, you’ll be easily fooled. Maybe you think it’s difficult to change the habit you’ve made but it’s just a part of the story. “A Plot Twist” But it’s destined for each person to have a… More To Be Different

How To Be Creative

Being creative has been one of the most important parts of life. You can have unlimited things to do, many possible jobs to get, grades to achieve and most of all you can have a hobby. Here are some tricks on how to be creative: 1. Know What You Want. Not everyone knows what he wants… More How To Be Creative

Life’s Game

Life is a game you need to follow. Or will you? People… You like them, they don’t like you back. You hate them, they hate you more. You love them, they won’t even care. That’s how some people see life: as a “game”. Life tends to make you suffer from the most inner parts. It… More Life’s Game

Bed Table Hacks

Useful hacks for everyday living… Can’t you find space without disposing the important things on your desk? Did you ever throw any small things that bug you when you’re doing work? Well, that’s not a problem anymore. Spaces are very much present and you would be surprised by seeing the results. Always bring a plastic… More Bed Table Hacks

Closet Hacks

Ran out of space? Dirty clothes? Unwanted things? Shoes? Well, have you tried a box? An easy way to store things in your closet is by using a simple box. You can buy it in any local stores near you in cheap prices but cost you a lot of space or you can recycle (shoe… More Closet Hacks