Bed Table Hacks

Useful hacks for everyday living… Can’t you find space without disposing the important things on your desk? Did you ever throw any small things that bug you when you’re doing work? Well, that’s not a problem anymore. Spaces are very much present and you would be surprised by seeing the results. Always bring a plastic… More Bed Table Hacks

Closet Hacks

Ran out of space? Dirty clothes? Unwanted things? Shoes? Well, have you tried a box? An easy way to store things in your closet is by using a simple box. You can buy it in any local stores near you in cheap prices but cost you a lot of space or you can recycle (shoe… More Closet Hacks

Hair Hacks (Bangs)

2. Everyone can enjoy bangs and you can rock it with your own hands. a. Straight bangs: Use a brush/comb to separate enough amount of hair for your bangs and prepare to cut that hair out. Tie all the remaining hair strands. Comb all your hair bangs in front of your face. Twist it once… More Hair Hacks (Bangs)